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Exterior Glass Railings can be a great addition to your Pool Deck adding value and looks to an already attractive area. These glass railings can be Standoff Glass Railing, Exterior Frameless Railings and Exterior Post Railings. You can also have them setup strong enough to sustain hurricane force winds, a very welcome addition in South Florida, The Bahamas and the Caribbean in special.

Pool Deck Exterior Frameless Railings

This railing system gives the ‘all glass’ frameless look. These railings are dependent on the massive tensile strength of the aluminum “shoe” base and available in 1/2″ or 3/4″ glass thicknesses Sometimes called a seamless glass fence, these railings deliver unobstructed view, and also act as good noise and wind barrier. When combined with certified laminated and tempered glass this railing system will meet the building codes for hurricane impact resistance.

Pool Deck Exterior Post Railing

Our exterior post railing is a painted aluminum framing system combined with 3/8″ or 1/2″ tempered safety glass. It’s great for windbreaks, pool deck surrounds, outdoor seating areas, and patios. I comes in seven standard painted finishes or can be custom painted in a color of your choice, and a choice of square or round cap rails. This railing system can also be used for a stainless steel cable system instead of glass.

Pool Deck Standoff Railing System

This innovative railing system is truly elegant for both residential and commercial applications. It utilizes a compact design mounting system for minimal obstruction. This railing system is custom designed to meet project specific criteria, using heavy duty stainless steel standoffs mounted to an approved substrate and 1/2″ tempered safety glass.

Pool Deck Glass Hurricane Railings

The aluminum and glass railing system is designed to meet the most demanding performance requirements for areas exposed to hurricanes and other severe weather conditions.

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