Florida Keys Hurricane Railings

Are you located in the Florida Keys area and hope you protect your home or business is always a matter of worry to you during the Hurricane Season? Fear no more! Railtech Railing Systems is bringing to Florida Keys Hurricane Railings that will both enhance the look of your property, and increase its strength and protection at the same time.

The aluminum and glass railing system as manufactured by ‘Railtech Railing Systems’ is designed to meet the most demanding performance requirements for areas exposed to hurricanes and other severe weather conditions.

Our Hurricane Railing System has been fully tested to meet the ASTM and TAS Standard, and this railing system easily satisfies the Florida Building Code Fifth Edition (2014) with a design pressure of positive and negative +/- 100.0 psf.

Railtech Hurricane Railings

This design pressure allows for glass railing installations that comply with the stringent requirements of Florida’s Miami-Dade County Building Codes and Florida Building Codes for hurricane impact resistance, making it the top choice for installation in areas ravished by hurricanes.

Be Ready next time a hurricane hits Florida Keys with Railtech Railings installed on your property! You can install them on your porch, balcony, external staircases, pool deck and patio areas.

The Railtech Railing System has been designed and tested for glass railing installations at exterior balconies in high rise buildings, oceanfront homes, condominiums, commercial buildings, and is suitable for all commercial and residential applications.

Download our Test Report

Feel free to click here to view or download our Hurricane Test Report in PDF format.

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