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How Does Hurricane Railings Can Protect My Home?

We’ve been talking about how Glass Railing systems can improve the looks and the value of your home or business. We’ve also mentioned a lot of the functionality of the glass railings such as field of view and security in general, now, do you know there are glass railings that can protect your home from Hurricanes?

Hurricane Railings are built with Aluminum and Laminated Glass that are designed to work together to sustain the strongest hurricane force winds.

Laminated glass is typically composed of 2 panels of ¼” glass with a 1/16” interlayer keeping the two together. There are different thicknesses of laminated glass, but 9/16” is the standard for laminated glass railings. Laminated glass is typically used for commercial settings, roof tops, or hurricane force winds.

External Hurricane Glass Railings will stay in place during a storm, being one less piece of debris that will be thrown against your windows and doors, reducing considerably the chance of a freaky accident to occur.

It will also “break” the winds going against the areas that have the Hurricane Railings installed, naturally reducing the strength of the winds that reach your home’s windows and doors.

Combine those with impact windows and doors, and you’ll have a near 100% secure home.

The aluminum and glass railing system is designed to meet the most demanding performance requirements for areas exposed to hurricanes and other severe weather conditions.

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