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What’s the difference between a Standoff Railing System and a Regular Glass Railing System?

Standoff Railing is an innovative railing system that is truly elegant for both residential and commercial applications. However, sometimes there is a confusion between the Standoff Railing system, and the regular glass railing system. These are similar, but not the same.

The Standoff Railing system utilizes a compact design mounting system for minimal obstruction, even when compared to the other railing systems, so the first thing you’ll notice about the Standoff system is that if allows for an even larger unobtrusive view area, when compared to the other systems. You’ll pretty much looking at (or through) glass only, with this system.

The Regular glass railing system will use metal posts or rails that will connect the glass pieces together, therefore these will have a diminished – although not by much – viewing area.

The second big different is the standoff system itself. It will use heavy duty stainless steel standoffs mounted to an approved substrate and 1/2″ tempered safety glass, while the regular glass railing system might use the same type of glass, but the way it connects to the structure, whether it being a balcony, porch or staircase, will be essentially different.

The third and final difference is not really a difference between “systems” but it will happen most of the times. Naturally, the glass used on standoff railing systems need to be a lot more resistant than the glass used on regular glass railing systems, however, the same strong glass can be used on both, and that will depend on customer preference or on what the project actually requires, so this is not really a difference between both systems.

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