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What Are The Advantages of Having a Glass Railing System in Your Home or Business?

Many are the advantages of a Glass Railing System compared to the more traditional railing systems we normally see. We’ve listed below the 6 main advantages we think the Glass Railing System has.

1. It Enhances the Look of Your Home or Business

Glass Railing Systems bring a lot of style and elegance to your property whether it’s your home or office. The modern look of glass is extremely attractive and we dare to say it amps up the look of professionalism of you are installing it on your home. If you are using it inside your home, it’s unobtrusive nature allows for other features of your home to stand out, if used outside they can allow for a clear look of your patio or porch.

2. It Adds Value

Want to make your home increase considerably in value almost instantly? Replace those old-looking rails by glass railings, and your home will achieve an instant “European style” look that will add a ton of value. Combine the proper tiles on the floor and your home will be an instant seller, if you are looking to sell.

3. It Enhances the Safety

Glass railing systems are assembled with no gaps between posts, and sometimes with no posts at all, making it safer for pets, babies and kids alike. Standard railing systems will have dangerous spaces that might allow for an undesirable fall, or even for pets and kids to have their heads stuck between posts.

When you combine that safety feature that is inherent to the glass railings, to the Hurricane glass railings, you get that extra protection against hurricanes, making your external area a lot safer when facing a hurricane, and if you live in Florida, you know how any bit of extra hurricane protection you can get is always a good thing!

4. Low Maintenance

Once installed, pretty much the only maintenance that needs to be done on a glass railing system, is the regular cleaning to make it always looking good. That’s it! Glass railings are durable and contrary to wooden or stone solutions, they don’t need to be painted or pressured cleaned all the time. Metal only railings might get rusty and need some repairs or deep cleaning over time, while glass, if periodically and properly cleaned will always look like new and after installing them for the first time, you rarely ever need to replace them.

5. Durable

The type of glass used in Glass Railing systems is extremely resistant, specially if combined with the proper mounting, the event in which you will need to replace glass railings is at minimum a rare occurrence.

6. Unobstructed View

Glass Railings provide an unobstructed view of the surroundings brightening the environments, letting not only the natural light pass through the glass, but also allowing a better view of the surroundings through the railings transparency.

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