How do I Clean and Maintain my Glass Railing?

Because glass is transparent and offers clear views, it also can accumulate grime that clouds the glass. Pollution, finger prints, smoke, dust… all of that combined will make any glass surface look dusty, but it might take a little while for all that combined become a factor. It will of course depend on the surrounding environment, but regular maintenance will keep your glass railings looking good at all times.

You can use the same cleaning chemicals that you regularly use on glass windows or mirrors to clean your glass railings. We recommend using a microfiber cleaning cloth to keep the glass as streak-free as possible. Remember, a little bit of cleaner goes a long way. You won’t need to apply very much to the microfiber cloth to achieve great results.

If your glass railing is exterior, you’ll likely need to clean it more often than if it was inside the property. Like we’ve mentioned, if your railing is on the interior, you’d clean it normally as often as you’d clean the rest of the house, however outside the glass is a lot more exposed to the elements and pollution. Even rain water brings dirt that can get stuck on the glass over time, so a more frequent cleaning regime is required for those surfaces.

If you live in a cooler climate and don’t make it outside as often as you’d like to, your glass railing may need a deeper spring cleaning. You can use a pressure washer to rinse off your glass railings. As always with a pressure washer, start far away and at low pressure. Then, slowly closing the distance and/or increasing the pressure as necessary. After you get most of the grime and debris off of it, you’ll still want to go back over it with a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner.

Often times, one side of your glass may be hard to reach. NEVER lean over your glass railing to get those hard to reach places. Leaning over the glass can be a dangerous effort, so do not recommend you do it at all. Instead, invest in an extendable squeegee that allows you to reach those places without breaking a sweat.

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